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Karen was with me in all 4 of my births. The most memorable was my first. Her voice and presence was what enabled me to get through a very painful scary first birth. Then after the birth I had complications and her knowledge and presence helped me not be worried... I might have hurt her hand squeezing it so hard but she never left my side. Karen not only helped me but helped my husband as well to not be afraid or worried. She basically held both our hands through the entire labor! After that she became a lifelong friend and my MVP in every birth after! Love you Karen! Highly recommended!

Oshea Greenleaf, Delta Junction, Alaska

Karen is a true gem. From the start she was so kind and knowledgeable and truly made me feel comfortable. She helped tremendously during my labor, and really cared for me postpartum. Her communication is great! Highly recommend!

Savannah Hamblen, JBER, Alaska


I was blessed to have Karen with me through all three of my children’s deliveries, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her calm strength, wisdom and compassion were a lifeline through the whole process, and her wealth of knowledge and experience brought insights that are so valuable. Above all of that, she became a steady and deep friend, for which I will always be grateful!


Julia Phelan, Delta Junction, Alaska

Having Karen as my doula made SUCH a difference in my birth experience. As a first time mom, it was so comforting to know that she knew birth better than either me or my husband did, no matter how many books we read! She was always at the ready to answer my questions over text, and was so helpful in telling me when it was time to go to the hospital. During labor, she did breathing exercises with me, and coached me through each contraction and even through the pushing stage (the OB was a little late coming in the room). I gave birth unmedicated and she helped me into different positions and reassured me with positive, encouraging words the whole time (which made ALL the difference in the world!). I am a Christian so she also prayed for me, which helped me immensely towards the end. Karen is so caring and kind and professional and she really knows what she's doing!! She was so respectful of my wishes and was a true advocate and comfort to me during one of the most intense times of my life. She also met with me afterwards just to check in with me and baby to see how we were and to talk with me about the birth so I could really process everything that happened. I can honestly say her presence was a Godsend. If you're hesitating, hesitate no more. You will be forever grateful you had Karen at your birth!

Catherine Lubbe Higginbotham, Eagle River, Alaska

Extraordinary! If I were only allowed to use one word to describe my experience with Karen, it would be that! She not only understood the main needs I had for my 3rd birthing experience but excelled at it. After meeting and speaking to her before our littlest one's arrival, I was confident that my needs would be met. She was so easy to communicate with which made our unexpected early arrival so much less stressful. You can really tell that she listened to the kind of pain management tools that helped/worked best for me. She was also great with my two older kids while my husband came in to cut our son's umbilical cord. Let's be honest when you don't have any other assistance in the area and have more than one child that extra pair of hands and emotional support really helps with the overall birthing experience. I didn't want to deliver alone knowing my husband would have to be with our other children, Karen really eased that fear for me and she stayed with me at the hospital until baby and I were settled and ready to take on the world together! I cannot rave enough about her and wish that I had used a doula sooner with my other two kids. If my husband and I were to have another kid, hands down I would not skip a beat about reaching out to Karen. Thank you so much for my most memorable birth thus far!

Dyna, Willow, Alaska

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Karen was with me for two of my births at a stand alone birth center. She has a gift of calm and peace in the midst of the turmoil of birth and her presence was invaluable to me through both of those births. She brought an atmosphere of peace and an assurance that all would be well into the room with her that I really needed. I would highly recommend her for a doula! If I was to have more kids, she would be my first choice!

Janelle Winston, Fairbanks, Alaska

As a first time mom, I had a LONG labor and Karen stood by me the entire time.   I would have never been able to birth my son naturally without any single person in my birth team which consisted of my husband, two midwifes and Karen.  Because there were a few complications, I absolutely needed her support. My husband also really leaned on Karen for support   Having Karen at my birth had a huge impact and I got the birth experience I wished for!  

Whitney, Wasilla, Alaska

Karen's presence is motherly, understanding, sincere. She is experienced in birth care and attentive in her support. Karen helped me feel safe in the hospital when I was transferred from my home birth space and remained available for as long as needed, all while respecting the space for my partner and I to connect. We are so thankful to have had her to walk alongside our birth experience.

Marissa, Anchorage, Alaska
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